Rakhi: A Festival Of Many Forms and A Singular Essence

No gifts can barely beat the Rakhi Gifts Online owing to the significance of sibling love and it’s essence in our life, the moments of getting together that we so willingly relish and the joy that we accumulate via gathering the precious moments of the celebration – Rakhi, in itself propagates a singular notion, that is, of love – love that strengthens the bonds between a brother and sister, love that binds the whole family together, love that beyond words and can only be justified when actually felt.

But India is a land of versatility. If one person transcends from one region to other, he witnesses a lot many changes that the new surrounding brings – there is a change in the clothing of people, there is a change in their social practices, there is a change of language and therefore there are also numerable changes in the rituals and practices that are brought in vogue during festivals.

Imagine the festival of Rakhi being celebrated in the open pastures or up on the terraces. That’s right, the natives of Jammu blend the occasion of Rakhi with the festival of Kite flying thereby migrating their form of celebration to a whole new level. As we move ahead, the situations become a tad more merrier, with the natives of Odisha and West Bengal worshipping the deities Ram and Sita on this pious occasion. Once the worship has been conducted then the siblings move forth to carry along with the rituals of the festival. In Uttarakhand, people not only restrict the festival to the ‘rakhi’ but rather change the sacred thread that they wear around their torso termed ‘Janeu’. In Maharashtra, the natives go full coastal during the festival of ‘Rakhi’. They begin the festivities by first worshipping the sea and then favoring their sweet tooth by savoring coconut delights, and then proceeding with the rituals of the festival.

Reading the above scenarios, one cannot resist admiring the various candid ways in which ‘Rakhi’ is celebrated all over the nation. There are so many differences in the rituals and yet, the essence of the brother-sister love and bonding remains enact. Now having known a bit more about the festival, all the siblings who are dear to one another can continue with their preparation for the festival that includes buying rakhi gifts online for one another, preparing savories and waiting for the pious occasion to finally arrive!

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